Safe and Sanitary Reports

A Safe and Sanitary Report is a means of legitimizing building works that were undertaken prior to 1st July 1992.

These reports can be provided to lawyers acting for purchasers or they can be submitted to a council where the council will file on the property file and where applicable acknowledge that the council will take no further action in the future providing the works being the subject of the report are not altered in the future.

If you identify that building work has been completed without the appropriate building approvals you will need to employ a private building consultant to prepare a Safe and Sanitary Report on the unapproved work. 

Building work carried out without the required approvals from your Local Territorial Authority (local council) can prove to be quite an ordeal when coming to sell your property. In order to satisfy the prospective purchaser that the works have been carried out to the applicable standards, a Safe and Sanitary Report is usually requested, this is then forwarded to Council in order for them to place it on the property file.

Whether the work was undertaken by you or a previous owner, or before or after the introduction of The Building Act 1991, unless Council has a record of the construction it is deemed to be unauthorised.

Most Territorial Authorities will accept a written report from an independent Building Consultant giving a full description of the works in question (some Councils require plans), method of construction, fire rating or any other relevant Building Code issues.

Guardian Housing Services will undertake a visual Safe and Sanitary Inspection on the unauthorized works and compile a comprehensive written report complete with digital photographs.

If the area is in a Safe and Sanitary condition then the client can lodge the report produced with local council, if the area is not found to be in a safe and sanitary condition then recommendations will be provided on the best way forward and how to bring the area to a compliant standard.

The inspection itself usually takes between 1-2 hours on site.  In most instances a written report is produced from the inspection that is ready by close of business the following working day (this will be emailed and posted).
The report may identify remedial work needed to bring the building up to the required standards. A building consent may be required for any remedial work

For more information please feel free to contact us – we will be happy to assist you.

NB: Lodgment with the council is the clients responsibility unless otherwise specified (additional fees will apply if you would like Guardian to lodge on your behalf).

We recommend you check with your local Council as to any associated lodging fees that may apply and or any additional information that may be required with your application.