• Are you thinking of buying a property or perhaps you are thinking of selling?

  • Have you come across some issues with a property and you need some help?

  • Don’t want any last minute issues cropping up and your sale falls over?

  • Don’t want your newly purchased dream home to become the home from hell due to hidden compliance problems?

Much of the inconvenience and expense associated with these matters could have been prevented if owners took the precaution of assessing the fitness of their home before its sale or purchase.

This is where Guardian Housing Services Ltd can help you.

Bill can not only provide you with an accurate assessment of a home’s condition, but also provide practical solutions for any problems you are likely to face.

Are you the vendor? Are you the purchaser? It makes no difference if you are buying or selling as a vendor invariably becomes a purchaser. Save time and costly delays and have Guardian research the property file and undertake an onsite assessment of the dwelling to ensure that the dwelling is accurately reflected in the file. The cost of having this done is generally far less than the legal costs associated with delays in the sales process.

The most common matters are the unapproved alterations or additions to the dwelling such as, decks, carports, basement conversions, garage conversions, bathroom and kitchen modifications and internal reconfigurations.

Remember that once you have purchased you have inherited the problem and it will become a cost to you in the future to resolve, most probably to you when you come to sell.

  • Do you know that there are over 30,000 building consents that do not have a Code Compliance Certificate in the greater Auckland area?
  • Do you know that before the building Act came into effect in 1992 any properties owned by the government (eg statehouses) did not require building permits so there is minimal information on the council file for these properties?
  • Do you know that under the terms of the Building Act the property owner is ultimately responsible for the status of building compliance under the terms of the Building Act?
  • Do you know that as a new owner of a property you inherit any problems or outstanding matters associated with that property?
  • Do you know that the contents of a LIM report is only selected information and is not the full contents of the property file held by the council?
  • Do you know that most matters associated with non compliance of a building are usually discovered during the 5 day diligence period and usually too late to resolve in that time? This incurs additional cost and time to resolve.


Guardian can assist both the vendor and the purchaser in navigating their way through the possible myriad of issues that can be raised and provide solutions where possible.